My Background & Future Plans

My combined work and educational experiences are an asset to the information field. As a marketing manager, I was responsible for managing and cataloging a variety of file formats. I digitized resources like photos, slides, and Super 8 films as a digitization specialist. I streamlined and improved workflows while creating and integrating automation services; this helped to enhance and accelerate procedures. As a volunteer, I served as a research assistant in a university psychology laboratory. I assisted in the creation of a database with ethnic, varied, and realistic faces for research and training purposes. While working on the project, Faces in Multidimensional Scaling, I created an automated workflow for manipulating photos and videos for uniformity; the system organized content within parameters and ensured the accuracy of the data.


In April 2020, I started an internship in the Tom Slick Library at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). I was tasked with creating a collection of on-demand video tutorials. These tutorials support staff as they learn how library platforms integrate with each other to make scientific research and development seamless. Along with video creation, I started learning how interlibrary loan, citation management, and copyright permissions were performed at a library specially tailored to the STEM fields. In December, I worked with a colleague to gain experience in rare books and to help launch the first virtual exhibit on ten works from our Rare Book Collection. For detailed information on my accomplishments at SwRI for my Practicum, please read my Practicum Log.

In January 2021, I was hired on as a regular employee and in April 2022 I became an official Librarian. I coordinate vendor training sessions and in-house training on library systems and services. My work creating on-demand tutorials continues and has expanded into creating interactive, instructional videos that can be uploaded onto our learning management system. As I become more familiar with library services and resources, I continue to aid staff in their important research and development projects.
I have a full-time position at one of the most unique nonprofits in the nation. My varied background is greatly utilized as I apply and adapt my experiences to library services at the organization. My future plans include continuing the work I do now and staying curious. As resources, services, and definitions of libraries change I hope to be a part in bringing those changes to Southwest Research Institute.
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