Degree Plan & Courses Completed 

In December 2021, I finished my graduate studies. Over the course of two years I obtained my maser's in Library Science with a concentration in Information Organization, a graduate academic certificate in Digital Curation & Data Management, and I completed the required 120-hour Practicum while working in the library at Southwest Research Institute.

Course Number Course Name Projects Course Instructor Semester Taken Grade
INFO 5000 Information & Knowledge Professions Projects Lynne Simpson Spring 2020 A
INFO 5600 Information Access & Knowledge Inquiry Projects Cindy Sharp Spring 2020 A
INFO 5740 Introduction to Digital Libraries Projects Ana Roeschley Spring 2020 A
INFO 5200 Information Organization Projects Lawrence Enoch Summer 2020 A
INFO 5814 Website Development Projects Tyson McMillan Summer 2020 A
INFO 5841 Digital Curation Fundamentals Projects Jeonghyun Kim Fall 2020 A
INFO 5090 Practicum Projects Tricia Kuon Fall 2020 Pass
INFO 5306 Project Managment for Information Systems Projects Jeff M. Allen Spring 2021 A
INFO 5080 Research Methods & Analysis Projects Philip Turner Spring 2021 A
INFO 5843 Preservation Planning & Implmentation Projects Gina L. Minks Spring 2021 A
INFO 5223 Metadata I Projects Oksana Zavalina Summer 2021 A
INFO 5210 Resource Description & Access I Projects Shawne Miksa Fall 2021 A
INFO 5450 Rare Books Projects Jennifer Sheehan Fall 2021 A

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