ALA Competency 4:
Technological Knowledge & Skills

4A. Information, communication, assistive, and related technologies as they affect the resources, service delivery, and uses of libraries and other information agencies.

4B. The application of information, communication, assistive, and related technology and tools consistent with professional ethics and prevailing service norms and applications.

4C. The methods of assessing and evaluating the specifications, efficacy, and cost efficiency of technology-based products and services.

4D. The principles and techniques necessary to identify and analyze emerging technologies and innovations in order to recognize and implement relevant technological improvements.

HTML & CSS Website

Tasked with picking something interesting enough to make a complete website - I decided to tackle fairy tales. Fairy tales have always fascinated me because of their enduring qualities. The stories have traveled all over the world, for thousands of years, and they are still relevant to this day. Growing up I thought all fairy tales were for children; it wasn't until I was much older that I learned many of the original fairy tales I knew were watered down to meet acceptable societal standards. Though we've heard them over and over again, the stories never get old. So many artists are reinventing them and creating new ones of their own. To me, there's something very magical about that.

INFO 5814 - Web Content Development | Summer 2020
Project Description: Throughout the class, students will create a fully-functioning website using HTML and CSS in accordance with web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG) standards.
ALA Competencies: 4A, 4B, 4C, 4D, 5B

Omeka Digital Library Prototype

The Presidents in Peril digital library exists to educate users on American presidents who have been assassinated, or have narrowly escaped attempts on their lives, while in office. The digital library was created to celebrate the history and achievements of the United States Presidents and to inspire a wide variety of users from diverse backgrounds, to learn and appreciate American presidential history. We also hope that this library may inspire patriotism in United States citizens.

INFO 5740 - Introduction to Digital Libraries | Spring 2020
Project Description: As a group, students will collectively use the Omeka platform to develop a digital library prototype, which includes digital collections and online exhibits of digital objects.
Contributions: Created, curated, cataloged, and wrote all descriptions for the exhibit, Presidents Who Were Assassinated in Office. Created United States First Ladies collection so that users may easily view First Lady biographies. Second pair of eyes for metadata and overall design.
ALA Competencies: 1G, 1J, 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 3A, 3C, 4A, 4B, 6A

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