Educational & Professional Goals

Throughout my life, I have followed my passions. By doing so, I have gained both knowledge and experience that can be adapted to fit many areas within library and information science. While obtaining my technical degree in Digital Video & Cinema Production, I studied film literacy and gained experience creating digital videos. I studied English literature while pursuing my Associates of Liberal Arts and received my bachelor's degree in Psychology. Now, I have my master's degree in Library Science.

My previous experience shooting and editing digital video were directly applicable to my internship at Southwest Research Institute, and ultimately, my position as a Librarian as one of my first tasks was creating on-demand video tutorials. Video and audio editing, scriptwriting, and instructional design were skills I already possessed and adapted to my new role. Applying these skills, I created a library of online resources at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, a crucial time when staff needed access and familiarity with online resources.

As my internship progressed, I used my experience and education in website development to help create the first virtual rare book exhibit for the Tom Slick Library. The exhibit, Famous Mathematicians, highlights ten momentous works from world-renowned mathematicians such as Robert Boyle, Galileo, Leonhard Euler, and Ptolemy, among others. Using lessons learned from my Web Development class, and a lot of trial and error, I was able to create a website that provided staff a way to interact with our collection without leaving the safety and comfort of their homes. Unexpectedly, photographing the rare and fragile texts gave me an appreciation for rare books that I did not previously possess. Researching the lives, works, contributions, and enduring legacies of these influential mathematicians made being able to physically touch and view the texts all the more inspiring. 

Now, I use my experience in sales and marketing to coordinate vendor training and present in-house training on library services and systems. Using analytics, polls, surveys, and reference interviews, I aim to provide relevant instruction that directly benefits our staff and their professional needs. Every day, with each new question, I learn a little bit more about how our library works and how we might better serve those who utilize our resources. 

As my experience grows, my goals continue to evolve. My curiosity and willingness to learn have always been beneficial assets in the workplace. I will continue to learn, adapt, and apply my work and educational experience to support our staff in their search to find information that is useful, applicable, and that piques their curiosity.

For more information on my educational and professional experience, please visit my Curriculum Vitae page.
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