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Throughout my life, libraries have always been a constant. They are an important source of free, accessible, and essential information. Libraries are not only a place to borrow books; they are the hub of a community - the center of information and imagination. As technology has advanced, so too have libraries. Librarians continuously expand their services to revise what it means to collect, organize, research, and retrieve data. So many people rely on digital content, and that need will only grow. My goal as a librarian is to bridge community members with valuable resources.

I have a full-time position at one of the most unique nonprofits in the nation. My varied background is greatly utilized as I apply and adapt my experiences to library services at the organization. In December 2021, I graduated with my MLS in Information Organization from the University of North Texas. I also obtained a certificate in Digital Curation & Data Management, prepared to evolve opportunities in digital data and information management in my current and future roles. This ePortfolio is a working document and will continually be updated to showcase my educational experience, philosophy of practice, and completed projects.

Valerie Darling 
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